2009-01-24 01:17 pm

OOM: John and Teyla

Same rooms, different day. There are perhaps a few new empty take-away containers, and the ashtrays haven't been emptied lately, and the bed's unmade, but it does seem that he's been making an attempt not to let the place turn back into a tip.

When they get inside with the door closed, John runs his hand along the back of Teyla's neck and draws her in for a long, deep kiss.
2008-10-26 06:28 pm
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OOM: Room 999, John and Teyla

John's room at Milliways looks like the office of an extremely eccentric professor of the occult. There's an old heavy wooden desk, and a small sofa in front of an even smaller iron fireplace grate.  The walls are lined with shelves and glass-door cupboards filled with old books and strange artifacts, and more books are spilling onto the desk, the floor and pretty much any free surface.  Against one wall is a counter with mugs, an electric kettle and a teapot sitting on it; underneath it is a small refrigerator.  Next to that is a door to the bathroom.  The bed is in an alcove at the far end of the room.

John opens the door and steps aside to let Teyla into the room first.
2008-09-15 08:29 pm

OOM: Room 999, John and Ianto

A few hours after this, John is lounging in bed reading a paperback Tom Clancy novel, occasionally snickering under his breath. Next to him is Ianto, deeply asleep and occasionally snoring. And drooling. Whenever Ianto mumbles and shifts in his sleep, John looks over at him and grins, but otherwise, he lets him sleep undisturbed.
2008-09-07 04:03 pm

OOM: Milliways Lav

The facilities at Milliways are always clean, always available and always empty.  No matter who or what you are, the plumbing is always perfectly configured to suit your functional needs.  One feature, though, is both unique and universal: the grafitti.  Every possible inch has been covered in grafitti, layer after layer of it, in every conceivable handwriting and language. 

It's the Loo at the End of the Universe.
2008-08-27 08:11 pm

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These days, John's room looks more like the office of an extremely eccentric professor. The books and the artifacts are all there, but they're on shelves and behind glass-doored cupboards. It looks like the walls have been slightly reconfigured (hey, it's Milliways) so the bed is in an alcove. There's a desk, and a small sofa in front of an even smaller iron fireplace grate.

John and Ianto come through the door with bags of fish and chips and bottles of beer in their hands. John kicks the door closed behind them.
2004-07-11 09:33 am

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So this is where I'm supposed to put my innermost thoughts? Too bloody likely.

But I guess these days it's best to keep up on the new tech. And keep an eye on those who use it. Especially after Richie.

In any case, as the old saying goes, "If it's for free, it's for me."